A Patchwork Quilt of Social Networking Archetypes.

With so many things out there that are aimed to define us, it sometimes unfair to say that any one person falls into any one thing. After reading Valerie Skinner‘s article on social media archetypes, I realized that there wasn’t one particular category I could squeeze my online personality into. The more I read, the more I found myself picking out pieces of archetypes that best fit; eventually stitching them together to best describe my usage.

One Part, Informant

By nature I am an inquisitive person and any bit of information I get that I find salient enough to share gets posted onto my Facebook feed. Whether it be a great article on a new scientific study or a really great quote, these things always find their way onto my page. These are the things that help keep me up to date with what is going on and also help me keep those who aren’t always “with it” on board (ahem…parents).

One Part, Philosopher

But sometimes a bit of information shared via a Facebook friend turns into a focus for deep philosophical thought (whodathunkit?!) Particularly with those quotes that are set on the fancy-schmancy backgrounds. Those things are my kryptonite. Earlier this week I shared a quote that made me think so much that I had to talk about it with a friend! And although this doesn’t happen often, when it does I find myself almost going on a hunt for cool little nuggets of wisdom to share.

You might be fun, sarcastic, witty, or brainy. But whatever you are let’s face it… you’ve got Personality with a capital ‘P’. –Skinner

Stitched Together with Personality

Skinner’s above description of the “personality” archetype is also stitched into my makeshift quilt. I find that when I am not sharing information that others may appreciate, I tend to post a lot of nonsense. Like cats. Or food. Or my weekly manicure (which surprisingly has turned into a regular thing). I utilize the heck out of my Instagram for these snapshots of fun–the filters make anything look hipster-y cool.

@frizzygrizzy via Instagram
@frizzygrizzy via Instagram

Overall, out of all the archetypes, I feel these descriptions fit best. And as much as it sometimes feels like I may fall into one category more than the other, social media allows us to explore the many aspects of our personalities in as many ways as we want.

On that note, I’m off to stretch my networking tentacles. I’ve got some quotes to ponder, some cat videos to like and another Instagra-Mani photo to upload!



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