New York Hip Hop Dance Convention 2006: Nomadic Wax Press Release.



Breaking the Surface and Bridging the Gap

Nomadic Wax to Host the Global MC Showcase

Nomadic Wax, an underground “guerilla-style” record label dedicated to recording, producing and promoting hip-hop artists from all over Africa, and the African diaspora, is slated to kick-off the NY Hip-hop Dance Convention’s (NYHHDC) Global MC Showcase at T-NewYorkCity on November 1st.

The event will feature artists from all parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia; including artist’s from Nomadic Wax’s last CD, Nomadic Mixtape Vol. 2: East African Hip-Hop Beatdown.  Ben Herson, founder of Nomadic Wax, says “Hip-hop is a global form of expression,” he says. “The music and the message resonate with all of us, even if the artists themselves are rapping in different languages.”

Today Nomadic Wax has a roster of over 60 hip-hop groups from all parts of Africa, Latin America, The Middle East and Asia.  Nomadic Wax artist and scheduled performer Chosan hopes this event will help solidify hip-hop as the powerful and global form of expression it is meant to be. Hailing by ways of Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom, Chosan represents the diversity of hip-hop by steering clear of the messages that mainstream hip-hop too often spreads. “Hip-hop is too often about money, sex, and clothes and hardly ever about the real situations going on in [third world countries].”

The fact that a dance company was promoting an event that would also feature MC’s is what Herson says initially sparked his interest. “I saw this event as a great avenue because very little is being done in hip-hop and dance,” he says. “Hip-hop spans across subgroups, and I saw this as a great opportunity to do an event where the focus was not just on dance, [but the movement itself].”   Tricia Santos, NYHHDC Event Chair says, “we wanted to incorporate something very unique and ground-breaking.  The inclusion of a Global MC Showcase further emphasizes our motto of Preserve it. Embrace it.”

Catch the Global Hip-Hop MC Showcase on November 1st,  at T-NewYorkCity located 240W 52nd Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue.  Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.  Log onto and get your tickets now: $10 online and $15 at the door.  Also , check out all the other great events going on throughout the week:  From workshops, panel discussions, B-Boy battles, to showcases!!!


Contact:  Griselle Rodriguez                     

(646) 241-9464


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